Best Cell Phone Services in America

Best Cell Phone Services in America

No matter which smartphone you own, there is always so much that depends on the cell phone service you use. And choosing the best cell phone provider is not always easy. There are a lot of factors which determine how good the cell phone service provider is. Things like network coverage, data plans, pricing and customer support are of key importance when determining the best cell phone services.

Before choosing any of the top cell phone providers of America, it’s always better to sort out your priorities first. Some are excellent with network coverage in all areas, while some give you a large number of plans to choose from, based on your requirements. With LTE network kicking in everywhere, the competition of becoming the best and cheapest cell phone service provider has become much stiffer. This section is only for pros, and is heavily dominated by a few names, so let’s find out who are the top guns.

#5 Sprint


sprint cell phone

Sprint is one of the best telecom operators when it comes to cheap plans for both families and individuals. The best being the unlimited plan which they offer at shockingly low rates. In case you are now wondering what is it doing at the 5th spot then it’s their network which pulls their ratings down. The speed which they offer is not great when you compare it with some of its other competitors. Though they do provide great customer service, which helps the company significantly in retaining its customers, considering their shortcomings in other departments.

#4 Virgin Mobile

virgin mobile

Lead by the rockstar Richard Branson, Virgin is perhaps the most basic telecom service provider in this list. They do not offer hundreds of plans or a large number of handsets to choose from, rather it’s all kept simple. This affects the brand both positively and negatively. Only people who are very sure about what they want from their cell phone provider go for Virgin Mobile. It is strictly advised that people who love exploring various plans are devices should refrain from going ahead this company. But they are extremely good at what they do, the service is great and so is their network.

#3 T-Mobile

best cell phone service provider

From this point onwards the competition gets a lot stiffer. T-Mobile’s provide great call and data plans which are cheap and very high speed. The download speed in metropolitan areas is simply brilliant, the problem starts when you move out into rural areas. T-Mobile use GSM standard which is not compatible with CDMA networks, so do keep this in mind before taking a final call, as it will be hard to switch later on. T-Mobile is one of the cheapest cell phone service providers, with some of its monthly plans starting from only $30. In terms of value for money, T-Mobile is the best option you will find.

#2 AT&T

AT&T wireless services

The competition between AT&T and Verizon has always been neck to neck, and this time AT&T has to take the back seat. AT&T is undoubtedly one of the most common and popular telecom service providers in the United States, and they are excellent in almost every department. They offer customized plans, great customer care, data rollover schemes and great phone selection, their only area of concern is network and coverage. It’s not that they are bad, they are still well ahead of a lot of its competitors, but when you compare them with Verizon, the 4G speed is on the slower side for AT&T, forcing this company to take the second spot in the list of best cell providers.

#1 Verizon

best telecom service

You must have already figured out why Verizon is the leader, and if not I will tell it more explicitly. Verizon provides the best network and fastest connection in America. The 4G performance of Verizon is unparallel and they cover the maximum ground with the highest efficiency. In terms of plans, they have attractive offers for individuals, and the customer service they provide is also extremely pleasing. You may have to pay a little extra if you plan on using the services of Verizon, as they are a little expensive when compared to others, and it’s justified also. After all they are providing supreme quality to their customers.

These were the top 5 cell phone providers you can for. It’s highly likely that you already are using one among them. In case you are unhappy with what you have, don’t hesitate in making the switch because there plenty of options to choose from, and you should pick based on your priorities. It’s important to have a thorough idea about the company and its plans, if you want to make the best informed decision while choosing the best cell phone service provider for you.



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