The World’s Oldest Brands Ever – They Started Way Back Than What You Are Thinking Of

The World’s Oldest Brands Ever – They Started Way Back Than What You Are Thinking Of

You often come across brands with ‘established in 183X’ or ‘Since 190X’ written around them, and sometimes your mind does wonder, ‘okay, so if this is so old, which one is the oldest brand in the world?’ And when you are thinking that, it doesn’t matter what category or what product, the only parameter is when it all started.

Well, you can expect an answer to this question in this write up.  Here we will not be dealing in years, but centuries, because this is the amount of time since they have been up and running. If you go by statistics, majority of the companies find it hard to even cross the barrier of a ‘decade’. There has got be something special with the brands which have managed to survive for hundreds of years. It’s not that they didn’t had ups and downs, but they never stopped and that is what makes them so special.

The oldest one among all has to be Staffelter Hob.  This company based in Belgium started in the year 862, that’s almost 18 centuries old. Apart from being a guest house, it has a distillery and the company is also involved in wine production. If it was just the guest house, I wouldn’t have included it in this list, as I am only focussing on product based brands, and not so much on hotels, restaurants or other real estate properties.

It’s no surprise that a lot of the worlds’s oldest brands are into making beer or wine, as the older the better. Another such brand is Weihenstephan in Germany. Being a brewery, they have been making beer ever since 1040, also making them the oldest beer brand in the world. There is a French cognac brand as well which has been functioning since 1270, named Frapin. Their uniqueness being they still use the same vineyard which was used when they first started.

Coming up next is Beretta, the oldest gun manufacturing company in the world, established in the year 1526. The Italian brand is still run by the same family which started it. Being close to the mountains which were rich in iron helped Beretta tremendously in the early years.

I told you about a beer brand, a wine brand, a brandy brand, not let’s talk about whiskey. Bushmills is one of the oldest whiskey brands in the world, running since 1608. Out of all the companies which I have stated till now, Bushmills is the most popular one, and it produces in large quantity as well, unlike the other older brands. They have an elaborate history with a lot of critical acclaim and mass popularity.

Next in line we have Avedis Zildjian, popularly known as Zildjian, it manufactures cymbals. It is American company, which started in Turkey in the year 1623. This brand’s percussion instruments have been used by the top drummers of the world which includes the likes of Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones) and Ringo Star (The Beatles).

After knowing about so many booze brands, it’s time to take care of the hangover with the oldest tea brand in the world. Twinings, established in the year 1706 is the oldest tea brand in the world, and is also the oldest company in UK. Twinings has a very special place in the history of England, they even got a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria. That’s some extra ordinary certification for a tea brand.

Apart from the ones I have mentioned above, there are few other brands as well which were established around the same time, but I didn’t mention them as either they fell under the same category as the ones mentioned, or they are not product oriented.

If you are not familiar with even a single brand which I mentioned, then here a few names which you must be knowing, though they aren’t that old. Companies like Colgate, Cadbury and Hermes also have a rich history. They were established in the years 1806, 1824 and 1837 respectively.

A lot of other luxury fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Burberry have an experience over 150 years, but when you compare it with the oldest brands in the world, it looks nothing. It’s hard to imagine what all they would have gone through in all those years. But there is nothing greater than the fact that they are still up and running.

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