The Most Popular and Best Cookie Flavours in America

The Most Popular and Best Cookie Flavours in America

Do you know what is that one thing which makes your weight loss resolution crumble like a cookie? A cookie. Don’t know what’s up with them, and why the hell are they so addictive. It’s always like you open a box to nibble on one, but before you know it, the box magically becomes empty.


It is certainly one if the greatest food items man has ever come up with, and we love it to the core. They may be a Persian creation, but currently the country which is addicted with them the most is America. It’s impossible to imagine what a childhood in America would be like without some of the most delicious cookies present in the market.

Your favourite flavours would have already started doing rounds in your head. And I am sure you would want to know if those are among the top cookie flavours of the nation or not?

The first name has to be none other than the all time classic chocolate chip cookies. And it was America which gave birth to them in the in early 20th century. Currently or I should say for more than a decade it’s the Toll House recipe by Nestle which is the secret behind most popular chocolate chip cookies. Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms often find their way into these cookies making them even more delicious.

The next most popular flavour in almost every household is peanut butter cookies. No prizes for guessing what the recipe is. With flour, sugar and plenty of peanut butter, they have a smooth texture without missing on the crunchiness. Sometimes even they come with chocolate chips in them. Actually you can put chocolate chips in all types of cookies to enhance their taste based on your liking.

If you are a health conscious person who doesn’t mind the occasional cheat in diet, then oatmeal raisin cookies are for you. With whole oats and raisin acting as a natural sweetener, they sure are the healthiest options among cookies. And as people are becoming more and more health conscious by day, the sales of oatmeal raisin cookies are only shooting up.

Now let’s talk a little about the favourite cookies for the holiday season – iced sugar cookies. Not only they are awesome in terms of taste, they are fun to look at and also act as a good option for presents. You will be surprised to know that these are less sweet than a majority of other cookies. Another good thing about them is that they can easily be customized using various icing techniques.

There are many other flavours of cookies as well, and it is just not possible to discuss all of them because the list is simply endless.

Some of the other popular flavours in the United States are chocolate cookies, macaroons, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and ginger cookies.

Like flavours, the options in terms of cookie brands are also in abundance. To name a few, they are Nestle, Keebler, Chips Ahoy and Pepperidge Farm.

Pick your favourite, or rather pick one which you have never tasted before and start munching your way to the end of the box, because that’s how the best cookies are supposed to be eaten, aren’t they?

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