Top 10 Logos Of Brands With Hidden Messages

Top 10 Logos Of Brands With Hidden Messages

There are so many brands you come across every day, and if it’s not directly though their product then it’s through their logo. But we hardly pay attention to the amount of detailing in a logo and notice whether they have any secret meaning as well. Of course, not all brands logos contain a hidden message, but you will be surprised to know that there are many brands, with whom you are extremely familiar with, have strategically designed their logos to depict something meaningful about their brand.

If you have been missing it all this while, it’s time to notice them now.

Only when you look closely you will be able to spot that message, and it will blow your mind for sure. So here are 10 famous brands, in no particular order, from all genres and categories which have something special subtly hidden in their logo that you did not know about.

#1 Toblerone

toblerone chocolates

If you look closely in the mountain, you will be able to spot a bear. One of the world’s most famous chocolate brands, Toblerone, was originated in Bern, a place in Switzerland, which people also call it as the ‘city of bears’. Got the connection?

#2 BMW

bmw cars

Before becoming a luxury car brand, BMW had a history in aviation as well. They used to make aircraft engines, which they had to stop after the World War l. Coming to its logo, the white section represent a running propeller, and the blue ones are for sky.

#3 Apple


The most recognizable brand in the world with the most iconic logo ever, Apple spent a bomb for getting its logo designed. And it was absolutely worth it. The apple represents the forbidden fruit, and a bite out of the apple shows that Apple tests its products first and then hand it over to the customers.

#4 Sony Vaio

sony vaio

This one is my favourite. The first two letters in the symbol of Vaio represent an analog symbol, where as ‘i’ and ‘o’ are used to show the binary numbers 0 and 1, perfectly summing up everything which the brand does.

#5 Unilever

unilever products

You must have noticed the images and symbols which make up their logo. Well these are not random images or symbols. Each one depicts a product or a value of the Unilever group. For a brand which produces so many things, it’s a great way to bring everything under one umbrella.

#6 Wendy’s

wendy's fast food

If you look closely at the collar of the girl in the logo, you can spot the word ‘Mom’. The idea behind it was to relate the fast food brand to mom’s homemade food.

#7 Baskin Robbins

baskin robbins 31 flavours

One of the best ice cream brands in the world, Baskin Robbins logo hides a very a simple fact. The pink part in the initials shows the number ‘31’ which is the number of flavours they offer. And the idea behind offering 31 flavours was to offer a unique flavour for every day of the month, so that people will not have to repeat and can try a new one every day.

#8 Adidas

adidas sports

The logo of Adidas was not always like what we have now. Earlier the three stripes were vertical and didn’t mean anything. Then they slanted it, and now they represent mountains or obstacles which people have to come over in their lives, showing the true spirits of sports.

#9 Tostitos

tostitos chips

If you look at the letters ‘tit’ in their logo, they paint a beautiful idea. The two Ts show two people coming together and enjoying tortilla chips over a pot of salsa represented by the dot of the letter ‘I’. A great way to show how people share tortilla chips with friends and family.

#10 Beats

beats headphones

They may not produce the best headphones in the world, but the way they have marketed themselves it looks like they certainly do. The logo of Beats has also played a key role in making the brand immensely popular all over the world. But not many know that the ‘B’ in the logo is positioned strategically to look like a headphone put on by person. Smart, isn’t it?

The next time you come across a logo of a brand, try to dig a little deeper and see if it has anything special in it. There is often more than what meets the eye.

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