Top 10 Hat Brands for Men

Top 10 Hat Brands for Men

Unlike today, hats used to be a very common accessory for men earlier, which also led to the inception of some of the best hat brands during that era. But one knows how quickly the trends can change in the fashion industry. As the decades past, the hat industry started talking severe blows, and by the 1990s it eventually got cornered into a much smaller business than what it was earlier. But, all is not gone. We still have some amazing brands which are exclusive and produce some of the best hats in the world.


A huge share of credit goes to the top 10 hat brands in the world for pulling hats back into limelight. Be it through the weathered felt or the vintage 5 panel, hats are crawling back. Only those who have a hat to flaunt understand how big an asset it is any wardrobe. Just like watches, hats are one of the most versatile accessories a man can have. Not that hats aren’t for women, it’s just that they have always been more mainstream with men. Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the top 10 hat brands for men –

#10 Barts

best barts hats

Starting the countdown of best hat brands is the Dutch company Barts, known for its high quality fabrics. Another great thing about this brand is that it manufactures hats for all age groups and genders, be it a little girl or her grandfather. Both will have a good selection to pick from. Barts also specializes in having a lavish winter wear collection which includes some very comfy and warm, tight knitted caps. As mentioned on their website, they love keeping people warm. It’s a great brand for you if you are shopping for your entire family, as it has something for everyone.

#9 New Era

new era hats

This stylish American brand is credited for bringing back the snapbacks and giving them a new life. Ever since its inception in 1920, New Era has been closely associated with sports. It has a very strong hold in baseball, so much so that all major league teams sport its cap on the field. Their popularity level can be analyzed by the simple data that they sell 35 million hats in a calendar year all across the world. New Era is definitely a brand with which the modern age society can easily relate to, making it an obvious choice in the best hat brands countdown.

#8 Brixton

top brixton hats

One of the coolest hat brands in America, Brixton is also very much in the same league as New Era. Brixton is sporty, but it is more about culture, music, art and is inspired by cultural diversities. Brixton beautifully covers fedoras, snapbacks, beanies and trilbies, and products have a hippy vide to them. If you are looking for a blend of traditional and modern designs, then Brixton can be a good option to go for. Even in terms of budget, they are decently priced and hence far away from luxury hat brands. They produce some true value for money hats.

#7 Goorin

best hats for men

Most of the names which will find here are America based, and Goorin also falls under the same category. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, then you must be remembering the trademark pork pie hat of Walter White. It was Goorin which designed it. Goorin is a family owned company which is into manufacturing of other products as well like boots, mitts, etc. Goorin has a very traditional approach towards hat making, and its strong believer in sticking to the basics. You may not find the coolest hats in the world by Goorin, but you can find some of the classiest ones any day.

#6 Larose

best hat brands

Coming from the fashion capital of the world, Paris, Larose has beautifully inculcated the elegance and class of French dressing in its hats. A huge section of the hats produced by this brand are handmade, and the ones manufactured in factories are also done using age old millinery techniques. That’s Larose for you, things at its simplistic best. In terms of the range of products also Larose won’t disappoint you. From caps to broad brimmed hats to straw to felt, you can easily find all kind of products under this label.

#5 Past Present

top 10 hat brands


The name Past Present has a significant meaning to the brand and is meant to capture its true essence. Originated in Australia, the prime sources of inspiration for this brand are the times which were extremely famous for hats, the early and mid 20th century. And it fuses it with some contemporary aspects of hat making to dish out some excellent products. The vintage designs are combined with soft fabrics and unstuffy interiors to make the hats more comfortable and easy to uses. Try out their wide brim hats and tweed baseball caps, they are fresh and brilliant.

#4 Barbour

barbour hats

If you are a diehard fan of the cult classic British style of dressing, Barbour is the brand to go for. Barbour is famous for its iconic waxed cotton which gives a unique texture to the hats. You can easily find trappers, bucket hats, flat caps and beanies in its wide range of collection. Barbour is an extremely authentic brand which may not have a massive fan base, but sure it has a very loyal audience. And that is also one of the prime reasons why it is ranked so high in the list of top 10 hat brands in the world.

#3 Borsalino

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The next best hat brand in the world is Barsalino established in the year 1857. If you are thinking that’s old, you are in for some more surprises. Coming back to Borsalino, they are famous for their world renowned fedoras. Apart from that their genuine straw panamas and flat caps are also popular among the masses. Their felt hats come in all kinds of styles and colors which are sometimes hand knitted to add to the exclusivity factor of the brand. Borsalino is arguably the most popular hat brand in the world and also one of the best.

#2 Lock & Co. Hatters

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We were talking about how old Barsalino is, but I am afraid that’s nothing in comparison to Lock & Co. Hatters. This one is almost a 350 year old company. Yes, established in the year 1676, Lock & Co. has stood the test of time like no other name in probably any industry. The likes of Sean Connery, Winston Churchill, and Admiral Lord Nelson, all have got a piece of it. This brand has a great reputation for its winter hats and Panama styles. Please don’t expect these hats to be cheap, because to be honest, they are not. To own a hat from the oldest hat brand in the world, your pocket will have to take some blows.

#1 Bailey

classic hat brands

Sitting nicely at the top in the list of best head brands in the world is Bailey, one of the pioneers in the headwear industry. The speciality with Bailey is that it is good with everything, be it felt, fedoras, pork pies, straw panamas or trilbies. Hollywood has also been a big fan of Bailey, with celebrities like Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart being its loyal customers. Bailey only uses high end fabrics which are meticulously hand crafted to ensure the customer has an unforgettable experience using its headwear. Bailey is the brand to go for to have a perfect mixture of high quality and elegant styling.

The top 10 hat brands churn out the best hats in the world for men who believe in elegant styling. These are comfortable, classy are and for all face cuts and head sizes. Most of the names in the above list are decades and some are even century old. If you are buying a product from these amazing hat brands, be assured that you will only get the best from the hat world.

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