Most Popular Sunglasses Designs Of 2016

Most Popular Sunglasses Designs Of 2016

Though sunglasses original purpose was to act as a protective eyewear, now it is more of a fashion accessory. of course it still serves the purpose of protecting the eye, but  now people not only use it during the daytime, but in the night as well, at least the celebrities do. And with so many wonderful brands like Oakley, Gucci, Fendi, etc.  involved in making the best sunglasses in the world, the style quotient is bound to go up. That is what we will be discussing here.


I won’t get into the technicalities of sunglasses, but rather focus on the design aspect and find out which are the coolest sunglasses in the world. The fashion trends keep on changing, and sunglasses are no different. More than a series, it is more a loop. The designs and models keep coming back over and over again, and it is the best sunglasses brands which do that.

Coming to the latest and most popular design of 2016, it has to be the big round frames. After the whole aviator and wayfarer saga, it is the giant round frames which are winning the hearts of fashionistas. You can spot almost every other celebrity sporting these once in a while. Celebrities like Beyonce, Kristen Stewart and Jessica Alba have contributed significantly in increasing the demand of thick round frames, as they were seen wearing them on many occasions. From Mahatma Gandhi to John Lennon to Johnny Depp, these glasses have come a long way, and are probably the best sunglasses of 2016.

The next most popular design is the wayfarer. The iconic design introduced by Ray Ban in the year 1956 is an all time classic. These are one pair of shades which can easily go with anything you wear, and will suit any occasion. It will be safe to say that every celebrity have at least one pair of these wonderful square frame shades, be it David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Tom Cruise or Anne Hathaway.

A design which has been quite famous among the ladies of late is the butterfly frame. These oversized sunglasses popularity increased tremendously after Gucci brought in a huge line of such glasses and showcased them at various international fashion weeks. They come in a lot of vibrant and colourful prints, another reason for popularity among girls.

When we are on the subject of sunglasses designs, how can we miss aviators, right? There was a time when everyone wore nothing but aviator glasses, such was their popularity. Before the whole world went gaga over them, it were the pilots who used to wear these kind of glasses, hence the name aviator. With simple metal frames and tear drop shaped lenses, they have a cult following and are still extremely popular all over the world. The mass appeal is also a reason behind them reaching a saturation point, and forcing people to move towards other options.

Cat eye is another frame type which has surprisingly made a prominent mark in the fashion industry. Surprisingly because initially it faced a lot criticism and the fashion pundits predicted it to be a temporary thing. But on the contrary, they have left a lasting impression. Right from the days of Audrey and Marilyn, they have been popular among the female celebrities. It is probably the only sunglass design which is exclusive for women, and men try to keep a safe distance from it.

There are many other frames as well which the top sunglasses brands produce, like the wrap frames, sporty frames, clear frames, rectangle frames, wooden frames and many more. But their popularity does not match the ones which I mentioned earlier. If you are fan of sunglasses, make sure you own at least one pair in each of the popular designs and frames.

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