10 Hidden Features of iPhone EarPods. And AirPods Don’t Have Them!

10 Hidden Features of iPhone EarPods. And AirPods Don’t Have Them!

With Apple releasing the new AirPods with iPhone 7 in 2016, people have never been more disappointed the smartphone brand. So what if it is wireless, so what if it is sleek, so what if it is state of the art technology? It doesn’t solve the purpose, which is high quality sound, and that is what counts at the end of the day.


The new AirPods do nothing, but make us miss the all old reliable and sturdier EarPods by Apple. There is more than one reason why people loved or I should stay still love those white headphones which would come along with iPhones. Not only do they have decent noise cancellation technique, which is again missing in AirPods, their sound quality is also way better. And do you know about the many things which your iPhone earplugs are capable of doing?

Yes, apart from controlling the volume, the small gadget has several hidden features as well which people are generally not aware of. Here are 10 functionalities which you probably didn’t know even existed in your iPhone earplugs.

 #1 You can use the center button (by tapping it) to play, pause and resume music from your device’s music app or video player.

#2 You can skip to the next song by double tapping the center button.

#3 If you click the center button thrice you can go back to the previous song or the beginning of the existing song.

#4 In order to rewind, triple click the center button and hold it until you reach the desired point.

#5 If you want to fast forward through a track, then hold then double click and follow it up by pressing the center button till you reach the point from where you want to resume.

#6 The volume control button has a built in microphone, which means you can directly talk into it. Sounds quite obvious, yet still a lot of iPhone users are unaware of it

#7 You can take call with your EarPods plugged in by pressing the center button, and you can use the same to disconnect the call as well.

#8 The volume button helps you in clicking pictures as well. All you have to do is open the camera app and start clicking with your earplugs on.

#9 If you are talking to someone and there is another call on the line, you can manage both without hanging up on either of them. All you need to do is press the center button to switch to the other call without disconnecting the first.

#10 When all you want in life is to talk to Siri, press and hold the center button until she shows up to make your life better

These little tricks can be very handy when you are one the move. You won’t even have to take your iPhone out from your pocket to perform the simple tasks. Learn these simple shortcuts and you may never want to switch to a different pair of headphones after that.



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