Top 10 Taglines And Their Brands

Top 10 Taglines And Their Brands

There are two sections in a brand. One is product and the other is how to sell that product, or what you call as advertising. And in the world of advertising, a lot rides on the tagline of the brand. They have more power than people actually realize. Finalizing those few precious words which perfectly sum up and define the brand and are also easily relatable to people, is no mean task.


These slogans, mottos, taglines, straplines, etc. are extremely crucial in striking an emotional chord with the people. A sense of positivity, achievement, homeliness, amazement, everything should come from those couple of words.

Over the years, as advertisement became more and more prominent, many brands have mastered this tiny art, either by themselves or with the help of advertising agencies. When you hear some taglines, immediately it resonates with the brand and the products they sell. That is the key. It should get stuck in the head, and when the time comes to make a decision, that thought should trigger the action.

Here is a list of top ten iconic taglines which have transformed the way people look at the brand.

#10 BMW – The ultimate driving machine

bmw tagline

The brand got this tagline in the year 1970 by a company called Ammirati & Puris. It was aimed at the early working professionals, and the message it tried to convey that was that their cars high performance vehicles with powerful engines. The tagline stuck, especially in North America, and encouraged people to spend their dollars on BMW cars.

#9 M&M – Melts in your mouth, not in your hands

M&M tagkine

The tagline of M&M perfectly defines its products and explains why they stand out from the rest. It’s hard to convince people that they stand out in terms of taste, as every chocolate brand claims the same, so they took the other road. As simple as it sounds, the tagline is equally catchy and effective as well.

#8 L’Oreal – Because you are worth it

L'Oreal tagline

Here is an example of how a brand focuses on its customers with its tagline, rather than the product. It pushes the brand image of being utility based to providing a sense of achievement to its consumers. The tagline beautifully empowers women and makes them feel special through its products, all because of the message it constantly sends out through its slogan.

#7 De Beers – A diamond is forever

de beers diamonds

Another women oriented brand, De Beers changed the diamond industry forever with the most iconic tagline any jewellery ever had. Traditionally diamond’s return value is less when compared to gold or silver, so De Beers compensated that value with emotions. Ever since 1948, they have been using this slogan in every advertisement they did. Through their tagline they symbolize relations with diamonds, and give out a message how both are eternal and forever.

#6 General Electric – Imagination at work

general electrics tagline

General Electric’s tagline is an example of brand focusing on its team, rather than product or the consumers. For a tech company it’s important to show the visionary aspect of the company, and ‘Imagination at work’ does that for them. It highlights the work culture in the company and how it is directly beneficial for the customers.

#5 McDonald’s – I’m lovin it!

mcdonalds tagline

This slogan popped up in 2003, and is still doing exceptionally well for McDonald’s. The tagline focuses on the sentiments of the person right at the point of using the product. For a fast food company it’s extremely difficult to vouch for healthy food and that is why McDonald’s kept its proposition simple – feeling which the food gives, not the calories.

#4 MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”


In this list of top 10 taglines, this is the first tagline which perfectly uses the backwards approach. It is about what all good can be done without MasterCard, hence establishing a trust factor and telling that the brand cares for your, and then at the end subtly slip in the name of the company. In this way people connect positivity with MasterCard, and a deeper connection is established.

#3 California Milk Processor Board – Got milk?

CMPD tagline

Probably the smallest tagline ever, ‘Got Milk?’, became the most successful campaign of CMPB. The thought process behind the tagline was to bring the focus back to milk in an era where people were getting obsessed with fast food and beverages. The two words did magic for CMPB, and they succeeded a great deal in making people realize the importance of milk.

#2 Apple – Think Different

apple tagline

Apple wouldn’t have been what it is now, if it were not for Steve Jobs and his mind-blowing marketing strategies. When Apple released its commercial titled, ‘Here’s to the crazy ones, think different’, it was the first of its kind. Nowhere it talked about Apple or its products, but smartly connected the brand with the all time legends like Albert Einstein, Mohammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. The brand got a new identity with the ‘Think Different’ tagline and people started looking as the most visionary and premium brand ever.

#1 Nike – Just do it 

nike tagline


No matter what list you, ‘Just do it’, is the best tagline ever in the modern history of top brands and products. Even Kennedy + Weiden, the creators of the tagline, wouldn’t have imagined the impact it created. The inspiring tagline touches the spirit of sports and motivates you to keep moving forward. Nike created many wonderful advertisements around the tagline which brought tremendous visibility to the brand and increased the sales significantly. This is one tagline which instantly strikes a chord with almost anyone, surely, an evergreen tagline.

The top ten taglines have boosted their respective brands in almost every direction, be it brand image or sales. It’s not a simple job to pour in everything within a few words, and the above mentioned companies which did it successfully are the true experts of branding and marketing.

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