Top 10 Brands With The Most Interesting Stories Behind Their Names

Top 10 Brands With The Most Interesting Stories Behind Their Names

There are so many brands which we know almost ever since our childhood days. And we hear so much about them, that their names become normality, even when the names are actually not that common.

Ever wondered what is the story behind the names of some of the biggest brands of the world?


Yes, every name has small story. Some are pretty obvious, while few others are extremely interesting and unpredictable. It’s always fun to know a little trivia about the brand whose products you have been using since ages. And the best part is, people generally don’t know about it, giving you the chance to be the center of attraction at any party.

So, here goes a list of top ten brands with the most interesting stories behind their names.

#10 Ikea

ikea furnitures

Arguably the most famous furniture brand in America, Ikea, has no meaning if you look at the literal definition of the word. The name is actually derived from the initials of its Swedish founder – Ingvar Campard, and the village he grew up in – Elmtaryd Agunnaryd , hence the name Ikea.

#9 Pepsi

top beverage brand

The story behind the name ‘Pepsi’ is pretty ironic. It is names after the enzyme present in the body, pepsin, which helps in digestion. The product was also marketed in the same way that Pepsi would help in food digestion but later on various reports came out on the harmful health effects of the beverage, hence ironic.

#8 Lego

lego meaning

An iconic brand for kids, the name Lego has a Danish origin. It comes from the words ‘leg godt’ which in English means to play well. The name has an interesting meaning in Latin as well, which is ‘I put together’, but probably it is just a mere coincidence.

#7 Blackberry

blackberry mobile phones

It’s utterly surprising why a cell phone manufacturing company would name itself Blackberry. Well the reason behind the name is that the keys on the mobile phone resembled greatly with the drupelets which are present on the fruit.

#6 Volkswagen

volkswagen story

The fancy name has a very simple meaning in German, ‘people’s car’, and that is the way the company has always marketed its cars. Simple and effective, isn’t it?

#5 Adidas

best sports brand

If you also had the idea that Adidas is an acronym for ‘All Day I Dream About Soccer’, then sorry to disappoint you, it’s a misconception. It’s only a coincidence and was created some harmless fun. The name is actually derived from the name of its founder, Adolf Dassler. ‘Adi’ was taken from Adolf and ‘Das’ was taken from the surname ‘Dassler’.

#4 Coca-Cola

coca cola logo

Kola nuts and coca leaves are the two main ingredients used in flavouring the beverage and that is why the name Coca-Cola. The creator of the brand, John S. Pemberton, changed the ‘K’ of kola to ‘C’ just to make it look more symmetric and attractive.

#3 LG

best electronics brand

Another brand’s name which is falsely considered as an acronym for the words ‘Life’s Good’. In reality the L and G are taken from two very famous brands of Korea. ‘L’ is for Lucky and ‘G’ is for Goldstar.

#2 Apple

apple tagline

There are many stories on the internet behind the name ‘Apple’. The real one is, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, worked in a apple orchard when he was in Oregon. He found the name ‘apple’ as simple and fun, completely opposite to the computer companies which had complex names and boring logos. His idea was to create a completely different niche for the brand which won’t be scary and intimidating, rather exciting and approachable.

#1 Starbucks

starbucks meaning

The most popular coffee house chain in the world, Starbucks, has an interesting story. The three founders had the idea that the most powerful and appropriate name for their company will be the one which starts from ‘st’. In the quest of finding that perfect name they came across Starbo, a mining town. This name reminded Gordon Bowker, one of the founders and a writer as well, of Starbuck from Moby, an all time classic novel by Herman Melville. That is how the name ‘Starbucks’ was coined.

The next time you are in the middle of a conversation about top brands and products, you will some really interesting stories and trivia to share.




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