Top 10 belt Brands In The world

Top 10 belt Brands In The world

A neatly tucked in shirt with a fined crafted suite and paired up with high end Italian leather shoes look perfect on any man. But there is something missing, isn’t it? Yes, without an elegant and classy belt no formal or casual attire is perfect.  You have to have one from some of the best belt brands in the world to make a strong impression. This goes for people in blue collar jobs as well, because up matters significantly, no matter what the occasion is.


This list of top 10 belt brands in the world consists of some of the dynamic names in the fashion industry, not to ignore the heavy price tags which come along with luxury belt brands. You know how simple the construction of a belt is, so there are basically there two defining parameters in a belt – the quality of leather and the loop. There are excruciating details in a belt as well like fit, width, finish, color, texture, etc. All the top guns in this list of expensive belt brands leave no stone unturned to provide you the perfect product which you can proudly flaunt.

Let’s start what you here for, the list of top 10 belt brands in the world –

#10 Hugo Boss

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Famous for its superb line of perfumes, Hugo Boss is no amateur in the belt industry as well. The best part about the belts which Hugo manufactures is they are extremely durable. You can use them for years and years. In terms of style as well this brand backs a punch with some cool slotted buckles polished in sliver, metallic gray and even golden (not my favourite though). In spite of it being a German brand, finding a Hugo Boss store is America is no huge task. It speaks volumes about how popular it has become all over the world.

#9 Stefano Ricci

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Like all other top belt brands in this list, Stefano Ricci also is not an exclusive belt brand, all kinds fashion accessories are produced under this label. The signature Stefano Ricci belts have an eagle head on the buckle, giving it a badass look. The best belts under this label are made up of crocodile leather and sometimes paired up with ornamental buckles. If you like things on the milder side, Stefano is not the brand for you. It’s more for those who are not afraid to do bold experiments with their look.

#8 Ralph Lauren

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One of the most popular brands in USA, Ralph Lauren, has a massive collection of belts. From braided leather to engine buckle, you will get everything here. Some of its best selling products are Vanchetta Leather belts, End-bar-buckle Alligator belts and my favourite – Vanchetta Roller Buckle belt.  Compared to the other brands in this list, Ralph Lauren can be called as the cheaper one as you find plenty of options in the $300 cap as well. The higher end belts of this brand go up to $3000 as well, which is again less compared to some luxury belts from other fabulous belt companies.

#7 Gucci

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Coming in at the seventh position is Gucci, one of the top fashion labels in the world know for its innovative designs and products. The men’s section is on the shallower side when it comes to the collection of belts. But it’s well compensated by some of the most expensive belts in the world produced by Gucci. Priced at a staggering $249000, the 30 carat diamond studded belt by Gucci is the costliest belt known to man. Most of the belts by this brand come with the trademark interlocking G buckle, which are perfect for casual outings and parties. There would have been a lot more to explore if we were looking into some other accessories by this brand, belts not so much.

#6 Brooks Brothers

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Brooks Brothers is a brand which showcases a perfect blend of Italian leather and American manufacturing. Most of the brands generally go for belts with 1.5 inches width, but Brooks has a huge of belts in the 1 inch section. It is ideally suited for formal occasions. In this list of luxury belt brands, Brooks Brothers is undoubtedly the cheapest. You can get belts even under $10 if you go for this brand. The reason why it’s ranked higher than some of the best belt brands is its versatility.  In terms of price, quality, design, you will get such a huge range of belts that you will confused which one to pick. Having options is never a bad option, right?

#5 Hermes

top hermes belts

Exactly like Gucci, Hermes also has its signature buckles, obviously not in the shape of G, but H. Most often than not, Hermes loves sticking to the traditional hues of brown and black, that does not mean it’s afraid to experiment. You can find some very unique belts by this top notch brand, which are vibrantly colored with a glossy finish. One of its famous belts is Etriviere, designed for the rich upper class of the society. This luxury French brand is also known for its line of handmade belts, and yes, they will burn a deep hole in your pocket.

#4 Prada

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Prada is one brand which can make you look sharp and elegant with its products. The same goes for its belts. With minimal design and variation as well, Prada can do wonders. The logo of the brand on the leather near the buckle might be very aspect, but it sure does help in levelling up the oomph factor. Put one of these on, and you will be good to go. One of its premium products is the Safino leather belt, which again has a minimal design but looks rich as hell. The century old brand has a strong reputation for the originality it brings to the table in the ever changing fashion industry. When you wear it, you know it’s the best.

#3 Versace

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From this point onwards it’s only about the titans of the fashion industry, and the first name in that elite league is of Versace. Since the inception of this brand, it has managed to create an aura for itself, and a huge credit for that goes to the superior quality genuine leather it has provided to its customers. Some of its Alligator belts are simply out of this world, the finishing which they have is ridiculously beautiful. Versace has some offbeat belts as well. One of them is the Crystal 3D Metusa belt. A 3D crystal is used to design it which also gives it a party perfect look. Versace has always been bold with experimentation, which sometimes goes missing from other names in the list top 10 belt brands.

#2 Louis Vuitton

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One of the oldest fashion houses in the world, Louis Vuitton has been symbol of luxury since 1854. With its high end leather products, this top luxury brand is always on the wish list of fashionistas, but not all can get a piece of it. Some of the belts it manufactures are very thick when compared to the others. It not only gives a unique look to the belt, but also increases its durability quotient. Celebrities love its crocodile belts, as they are mostly the first preference of theirs. Some double sided belts manufactured under its label are also quite catchy, like the Boston 35mm or the Reverso 40mm. If you want the best, and are comfortable shedding $1000 for a belt, Louis Vuitton is the brand for you.

#1 Salvatore Ferragamo

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Generally a brand becomes famous and then Hollywood gets drawn towards it, but here it was the opposite. Salvatore Ferragamo, a designer in the 1920s, first worked with Hollywood stars and then went ahead to create his brand. If such is the backdrop of a brand, you can imagine how huge it must be. The handmade belts are being meticulously crafted by the designers and craftsmen, making them stand way apart from the herd. They never produce belts in bulk. If you have one of its belts, chances of seeing the same product with someone are very slim. Pair it up with an Isaia suit, and you will be show stopper wherever you go.

Every brand which produces belts dreams of becoming like these top 10 belt brands, but reaching the level which they have achieved no joke. Most of the best belt brands have over 100 years of experience in the fashion industry, and that is a lot. These best belt brands act as the benchmark of success as well for an individual. If you have their product, you are something.

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