Best Luxury Fashion Brand In Terms Of Diversity

Best Luxury Fashion Brand In Terms Of Diversity

When a brand launches, it starts with one product. Then seeing the response and success rate, it expands and starts exploring other avenues. This theory holds particularly true for all top luxury fashion brands of the world. Almost all of the top Italian and French fashion houses started with a single store or boutique, selling a single product, and after tasting success they took off.


It is what the brands did after taking off which I am here to discuss, and not about all the best luxury fashion brands, but one in particular. The one company which beats all luxury fashion brands when it comes to diversity.

Apart from maintaining extremely high standards, the most important criterion for picking up the top name from fashion industry is how wide their range of products is, and how successful they are.

It is not only the best selling Italian brand, but also one of the most well recognized fashion brands in the world. And I am not just talking about the developed nations like USA, France, Italy, but also developing countries like Indonesia, India, and South Africa. Their lack of exposure to a large number of fashion brands gives this company a big edge, and people look at it as the sole luxury fashion brand.

By now you would have almost guessed it if you are into the fashion world. It is none other than Gucci, a brand which manufactures almost anything and everything related to the fashion industry.

The Beginning

It all started when Guccio Gucci set up a small store in Florence in 1920 which sold leather goods. Guccio was fascinated by the high quality luggage bags people would carry in Paris and London, hence he made sure that the top priority will always be on quality and class.

Florence was a place where you would easily get skilled craftsmen and high quality leather, and that store laid the stepping stone for the brand.

Love for Handbags

Out of all the great things they make, their most famous products are still handbags. They have always done way par excellence in this category, and ever since the extremely talented Alessandro Michele joined their ranks, the sales have gone further up. Gucci’s most popular handbags of 2016 are the ‘GG Marmont Matelesse’, ‘Dionysus Python’ and ‘Reversible GG Blooms Leather Tote’.

Gucci manufactures some of the most expensive handbags in the world, with the prices going as high as $40,000. Some of their premium handbags include ‘Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag’, ‘Soft Stirrup Shoulder Bag’ and the ‘1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag’. Apart from shoulder bags, they have a splendid collection of mini bags, hobos, clutches, cross body bags and even backpacks.

The Shades

When sunglasses were added to the product line of Gucci in the early 1970s, the experts weren’t expecting it to do too well. But on the contrary, Gucci’s sunglasses became an in instant hit, especially among the ladies. Their oversized colourful flashy frames and glasses became iconic within no time. Even today, they give top sunglass brands like Fendi and Oakley, which specialize in making high quality eyewear, a run for their money.

For men

A lot of people think of Gucci as a luxury brand only for women, but it’s not. The men’s which they have is equally amazing. Their wide range of leather products for men includes belts, wallets and shoes. Being famous for loafers ever since the beginning, their top products in this category are ‘Jordaan Crocodile Loafer’ and ‘Horsebit Sued Loafer with Web’. They have an exotic ‘Jordaan Ostrich Loafer’ as well, in case you are in a mood to try out something completely new.

Earlier the leather belts which they had mostly came with their distinctive buckle which resembled the logo of the brand, but now they are experimenting outrageously. They have a wolf head buckle, then there is leather belt with snake and also there are ‘GG Blooms Belts’ which come in colourful patterns and designs.

At Gucci, men can find lots of clothing items as well like jackets, shirts, polos, denims and pants, out of which jackets are the most popular ones. In the year 1998, Gucci even entered the Guinness World Records for having the most expensive jeans, named ‘Genius Jeans’, and it was priced at a whopping $3,134 back then.

High Heels and Stilettos

When we talk about a luxury fashion brand, one of the most crucial things which need to be looked at is how good they are with making shoes for women. It acts as a great benchmark in determining the market penetration of the brand. Everyone knows about the fixation women have for high heels and stilettos, hence Gucci puts meticulous efforts in bringing out the best line of luxury shoes for women, and to also give the top guns like Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton a little scare.

Some of their most popular shoes for women are the ‘Floral Jacquard Pump’, ‘Trompe L’oeil Sequil Sandal’ and ‘Finnlay Leather High Boot’.

Other Accessories

Gucci produces a range of accessories as well. It includes ties, hats, scarves, gloves and socks, though they are not very popular, but occasionally people do go for it, especially the ones who are extremely brand conscious.

A large section of revenue comes from the clothing line of Gucci, which is what they showcase the most through fashion weeks and campaigns. They have been involved in a lot of controversies as well, mostly related to design theft as they have been facing this problem of people ripping off their patterns and styles almost since the inception of the brand. One of their biggest wins came recently, when Guess had to pay $4.7 million to Gucci, following a lawsuit against them.

The Complete Package

One of the other prime reasons for the extreme popularity of the brand globally is their advertisements, be it print, online or television. They have even been bashed by a lot of groups for objectification of women in their ads, and leveraging the fact that sex sells. But that hasn’t stopped them, as it’s all fine until it’s working for them.

In order to expand, Gucci acquired a lot fashion brands completely/partially. The list includes Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCarney, Balenciaga, Sergio Rossi and Boucheron. This helped Gucci in adding more to the diversity factor of the brand and acquisition of new customers.

The list of luxury fashion brands is a long one, but again, there are very few which are good with almost everything. The closest luxury brand which comes close to Gucci in terms of diversity is Prada, but Prada has always been more clothing oriented. It’s hard for them to match Gucci in terms of shoes, handbags and other leather products.

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