About Us

Hello!! We are two engineering undergraduates who have a flair for writing stuff that catches our attention. Like any youth of our age, online shopping is what we opt for, thanks to our laziness that we can’t afford going to market for things we need. Having tried our hands at a few other blogs before, Top Brands and Products is our initiative to provide our readers with all they need to know about best brands and products in the market before buying anything online.

Now getting to the inception of our website i.e. “Top Brands and Products”; this name, this idea all struck in our otherwise empty minds on a lazy Sunday afternoon when we were watching a football game and all of a sudden one of us wanted to get the jersey of David Villa. So, we started surfing the internet to buy one but couldn’t make a decision as we got flustered by looking at so many brands. And believe me folks, as some great mind has said that necessity is the mother of invention, an awe inspiring idea landed in our brains and that is what today we call topbrandsandproducts.com.

We always made sure that we hung on to this bolt from the blue as getting diverted could have been very much on the charts. The urge to touch the pinnacle made us put in every bit of our heart and soul in setting this website on an endless voyage. One thing was understood by us that buying things online in a limited budget can sometimes prove out to be nerve wracking experience as it gets so confusing at times. In the quest to find a solution to this unsolved mystery, we ended up giving life to our dream.

Through this website, we want to put different products from different categories and brands on the same pedestal and compare them on multiple layers. Only after doing extensive research and analyzing hundreds of brands, we are here to provide you with a list discussing top brands and products in various genres. It is this dedication towards our belief that separates us from the others, we strongly believed in our concept and that is the reason why we are here and you are here reading about us.